Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Tonight I baked banana bread and the whole apartment smells delicious! As much as this move has disrupted my normal life, I find myself not being able to give up certain things about who I am. It may sound corny, but I really enjoy baking. I had these perfectly ripe bananas sitting on the counter for the past four days and I just could not let them go to waste! So after the movers insisted that I throw away all my baking products, I broke down tonight and went to the store and bought baking soda, flour, vanilla, crisco, chocolate chips and even a bread pan. It was a challenge to find the measuring spoons and other stuff in my tiny kitchen but what ever I didn't have, I found something that would work. When it came time to test to see if the bread was done, I usually stick a wooden tooth pick in the center of the bread. You guessed it, no toothpicks got packed. Hmmmmm. I decided to look around the kitchen and found the end of the cork screw. That make a big hole but worked fine. I'll have homemade banana bread to bring to class tomorrow and all my class mates will love me!

I ran 4 miles tonight, then walked a mile to the grocery store. Too tired to write anything else.


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