Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm back...

I guess I should tell you again, that living here is not like living in a civilized country. Repeat after me...THIRD WORLD...THIRD WORLD...THIRD WORLD.

I didn't have Internet at home since last Friday because the woman I share it with went back to see her family and she unplugged the connection! I had to track down her maid, meet the maid, go inside and reconnect it, etc.etc. So, I finally got the connection late on Wednesday, but was out that night and the next two nights. So...this is the first chance I've had to connect with my people.

And I'm on the way out again tonight, so I just wanted everyone to know that I'm fine. I have some good news and since I'm probably now going to the beach tomorrow, I will write and tell you about it. It's been raining here more often, so the trips to the beach are waning.

Love you all and talk to you VERY soon!!


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