Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Home

So, those of you in the "know" know that I have been VERY unhappy with my housing arrangement here. The apartments are nice, and spacious so that was not the problem. The problem is that my apartment directly faces the guard station. The guards could see me all the time. I felt very uncomfortable. The guards are nice; they just like to watch me a lot. They have nothing else to do. Well, imagine being a single woman and being stared at all the time you are at home. None of the other apartments has such a situation. I wrote two letters, talked to five people about my feelings. This is a hardship post as it is, and I didn't want to have hardship at home. The process of housing reassignment procedures is very strict. I was not getting anyone to understand me, but I kept trying. Over the course of 5 weeks, I wrote two formal letters, talked to five different people, and prayed a lot. I was so unhappy. The good news is that THEY APPROVED MY REASSIGNMENT TO ANOTHER APARTMENT ON WEDNESDAY AND I MOVED IN ON FRIDAY!!! This apartment is right next to my old one, but it's on the other side of the building away from the guards. I feel so content! I started unpacking and nesting and making it a home the very first day. By the second day, I almost had everything arranged. It looks great! I will take some photos and send them. I even started unpacking the things I bought at Sams Club before I left. You see, the other apartment always felt so wrong, that I never unpacked anything. I lived out of the three suitcases I brought on the plane. My well being was so affected in the old apartment that I never wanted to "move in and get settled." Anyway, I am sooooo very happy now. I feel like inviting people over!

I miss everyone. I did not go to the beach today; as the crowd that goes did not call. I think during the rainy season alot of people go on vacation to get away from the weather here. I stayed home and did some gardening on the patio. I have a balcony full of plants and I even planted the flower seeds that Laura gave me.

Love to everyone,

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