Monday, August 4, 2008


So, I have not been home much, so I decided to stop by the grocery store and get a few things. You know...bread and milk and such. By the way, Laura, they sell Silk here! And did you know that Spam comes in flavors now? I bought "real" bacon spam. They don't have much lunchmeat here. Althought, miracle, they had salami at the supermarket today!

Anyway, parking is a problem at these places. A security guard helps you pull in and out of the lot because it's on a busy main road. They direct traffic (such as it is....two lanes, chickens, children, dogs, etc) so you can drive safely. After my shopping trip (after which the boy who carried out my things begged me to give him a job), I went to my car and the security guard said, "ok, I'm ready to drive you out now." Silly me, I handed him the keys and said, "ok, go ahead." I was parked on this really steep hill, in a place where I could hardly squeeze my body into the drivers seat and I thought it was so nice of him to offer to drive my car for me. Well, he just grinned at me as I handed him the keys. I took that for happiness at having the chance to drive a nice American car. He kept grinning at me and smiling. Finally, I got the idea that he was going to "direct me" out of the lot, not drive my car for me! So, I had to squeeze my body into the drivers seat; high heels and silk shirt and all. It was tricky but it made me laugh. I'm sure he thought I was crazy for even handing over the keys to him! Live and learn.


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